Tori Welcomes You to Train Your Canine for Help with Training Your Dogs

Welcome to Train Your Canine, a resource for helping you with training your dog, from basic to advanced obedience. My name is Tori.

I built this site to help you as a dog owner to achieve the success you want in teaching your dog and the joy you’ll experience as you build that bond between the two of you. The meaning of that bond can not be explained with words and definitely something you will remember for a lifetime.

I have had dogs as part of my family my whole life. When I was young I enjoyed their company and loved-on them a bit. While I still have memories of my first experience with dogs, (two brothers from the same litter. Dad only intended for one. He chose the yellow one. However, when the black dog came and sat at his feet and didn’t leave; well he knew he had to take that one too.) Their names were Goncho and Poncho.

As with all dogs, the first two we added to our family had uniquely different personalities even though they were brothers just as humans are. The only problem we had with them behavior-wise is that they would runoff from the house. Dad would go looking for them and they were 2 miles down the road.

Unfortunately, there was a complete lack of knowledge about how to address that behavior and dad’s response was to tie them up to the back of the bumper and make them run home. Of course, they couldn’t keep up with the car so they ended up being drug part of the way. After it happened repeatedly, it would seem to be a sign that the solution he was using didn’t work. That, however, didn’t stop the method he was trying to use to detour the behavior.

As a kid, I hated that he did that. But in honesty, I didn’t have a solution either. It would also most certainly be a criminal sentence for standing up to dad to say to stop what he was doing to our dogs.

Eventually, things had changed and I had moved out of the house. It wasn’t until years later when I lived on my own that I had my own dog. I took a vested interest in teaching my fur-baby, a behavior that was good for both of us.

I loved her to pieces and I knew that her learning basic obedience, including commands like sit, wait, leave it, and stay were important for us both. I also learned about her personality and character. We both learned together and built a bond that was special. That experience introduced me to my first training experience. That was an 8-week course at our local Petsmart.

I had to say goodbye to her unexpectedly, heartbreak to result. I had also since adopted a rescue dog who was estimated to be 6 years of age at that time. Boy, she was a challenge. Her name is Hanna.

When she came to live with me, she had no obedience training at all. She is such a sweet girl but pulled on the leash when we went walking. She would fight with the other dogs she was walking with when she saw another dog walking by and didn’t know the basic sit and stay commands.

Come to us for all of your dog training needs. Our resources will help your pet to be obedient as well-behaved. We will also provide you with a multitude of additional information and products to continue on the path to health, fun, education and more for your beloved four-legged baby.

Our dogs are important to us. Let us help you to care for your precious pup.


My chocolate fur-babies as seen in the caricature logo.

Hanna and Haley of Train Your Canine
Haley and Hanna