Top 5 Best Dog Life Jackets – 2020 Reviews On All Dog Sizes

Discover the top dog life vests in 2020 that keep dogs safe in the water.

For dogs who are around water, safety is a priority that every pet owner takes into account. Whether your dog is an avid swimmer or avoids the water like a plague, anytime he is near a body of water, the use of a life vest should be considered. Here is our list of the top 5 best life jackets for dogs.

Dog Life Jacket Ratings

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#1 Ruffwear K9 Float Coat

The 2020 top choice for a dog life vest:

Ruffwear - an industry leader in making quality outdoor products for dogs.

This life jacket is both durable and sturdy. Its design fully secures the pet while allowing him to float in any body of water he is around. The life vest provides good support for the under belly which is important when using the strong handle of the life jacket to help pull him out of the water when necessary.

Its design is flexible and allows your dog full range of movement. It also secures your dog while making the vest easy to put on and take off with 3 buckles, 2 under the belly and one around the neck.

The foam in the jacket is placed strategically to allow for the best buoyancy. It also includes reflective trim is also sewn into the material of canine jackets so that they can be visible in low light situations. It also comes in 3 colors with two being the legacy colors of safety vests, red and orange. The blue gives a little uniqueness in its look.

Viviglory sports style

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#2 Vivaglory Ripstop New Sports Style

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The Sports Style Ripstop has many of the same features of the K9 Float Coat by Ruffwear, however, there are some distinct differences between the two as well.

The fastening system of the vest to you dog starts with Velcro and then buckles after the Velcro is connected. The Ripstop offers a range of 5 sizes from XS to XL.

While the older design of the Ripstop still offers great support and buoyancy, the new design changes the neck opening to provide your dog’s neck more space while allowing him the more natural position of his neck while he is swimming. This allows for more comfort and ease.

An additional feature of the new Sports Style of the Ripstop are the colors and design to give them a bit more of a sporty look.

This product comes with a 90 day warranty and 24/7 customer service support.


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Dedicated to providing dog owners with high quality products made from the finest raw materials, to everyone to live an active and outdoor life with our dogs.

The EZYDog DFD safety vest also has many of the same features of the Ruffwear Float Coat. There are also some differences between the Float Coat and the DFD that influenced our ranking of this vest in the top 5 list.

The length of the vest from the neck to the end of the vest is longer. It covers more of the back of the dog allowing for more floatation coverage and an even disbursement of floatation material. This helps to keep your canine upright in the water.

The vest comes in 2 colors which are the red and yellow. Its design includes and contoured neck and is made of heavy duty polyester construction.

There is a separate and specific vest design for dogs under 15lbs called the Micro DFD.

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#4 Outward Hound (Dawson Dog)

#4 Outward Hound (Grandby Splash)

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Both the Grandby Splash and Dawson Dog life jackets are great options for your four-legged kid’s safety. The design between the two are slightly different with the difference being primarily connected to support of the dog in the water.

The Dawson Dog jacket is designed with novice swimmers in mind. The neoprene foam panels on the side of the vest create maximum buoyancy for your beginner swimmer. The neoprene also naturally insulates him from the cold water and helps to keep him warm.

Otherwise, both of the safety jackets come with similar features. They both have front floats under the neck to help keep your pup’s head above water. They have significant under belly supports that are secured by both Velcro and buckles. The neck support is also secured with Velcro and a buckle.

The two preservers do differ slightly on color offerings. The Grandby Splash offers an orange and pink option. The Dawson Dog has either a red or orange option.

One significant difference between the Outward Hound jackets and others on this list is the dual handles on the top of the vest. All other vests have one single handle going horizontally following the spine of your dog. The Grandby Splash has two handles next to each other that follow opposite of your dog’s spine and place in a direction that goes from one side of your dog to the other. The Dawson Dog also has two handles, however, they too run parallel with your dog’s spine. Two handles allows for you as an owner to have more strength when lifting your dog out of the water.



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#5 Paw Aboard

Dedicated to providing dog owners with high quality products made from the finest raw materials, to everyone to live an active and outdoor life with our dogs

The Paws Aboard safety life vest is less like the first three jackets recommended. However, it still is a quality option as a life vest for your pup.

The jacket is secured by velcro and quick release safety buckles; two for the underbelly and one around the neck.

The material covering the underbelly of your dog is a breathable mesh which allows for proper draining and drying once your dog is out of the water. The helps to limit unhealthy conditions that can occur with standard life jackets. The design also provides a great deal of support by covering a large portion of the underbelly.

The jacket comes in 8 colorful and fun designs which gives you plenty of options to choose from to give your dog the stylish look he or she deserves.