The 10 Best Cooling Vests for Dogs

Discover the Top 10 Dog Cooling Vests in 2020

The summer heat can be torture for your dog. Looking for solutions to minimize the stress of that heat is important for your dog’s comfort. That solution may be something as simple as a dog cooling vest.

These vest are excellent additions to your efforts to help keep your canine safe and healthy. As he goes about his day, dealing with sweating while at play and work, this jacket helps your pup stay cool.

While your goal may be to help your fur-baby keep cool, you need to be sure to find the right one to achieve that desire. There are a large number of these coats on the market. Finding the best cooling vest for your dog can be difficult.

This is where we can help.

Best 10 Vests for Cooling Your Dog

Top Picks


Reviews – 1 to 5 Stars

Best Cooling Vest

juxzh – truelove Dog Cooling Vest


Runner Up – RUFFWEAR

RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler


#3 Best jacket warranty

Kurgo Dog Core Cooling Vest


#4 – Best vest for Outdoor Adventure vest

 Foreyy Dog Cooling Harness


#5 –  – Best Cooling jacket for budget

Smart Elf Evaporative Swamp Cooler Jacket 



GF Pet ElastoFit Cooling Ice Vest for Dogs



Kismaple Reflective Adjustable Dog Cooling Vest



Cooler Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collar



Selmai Dog Swamp Cooler Vest



Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest


Do Dog Cooling Vests Really Work?

Just as with any product you purchase, you want to make sure the canine product your are buying actually does what it says it’s going to do. Because of that, checking to see if a cooling jacket for dogs will work is a good idea.

Watch the video below and find out if a cooling jacket for your dog is worth the investment.

How Does a Cooling Jacket Work?

The cooling mechanism of a dog cooling vest is just like that of humans. The process to cool a dog is via evaporation. When humans perspire, sweat evaporates into the air. The excess body heat goes with it. This type of vest works similarly because of a special layer of fabric within the jacket. That layer absorbs and holds water so that it will slowly evaporate into the air and in the process, take your dog’s excess body heat with it.

Vests that cool your dog work at the core of his body. They, take the extra heat in his bloodstream and disperse it evenly throughout his body. This keeps him safe during daily activities, under normal circumstances. They can typically assist in the cooling process of your dog all day.

Because the key areas to keep cool on a dog, are the neck and chest, cooling collars and vests are a solid investment.

Components of Effective and Good Quality Cooling Vests – What to Look For

To keep your precious pup safe from heat exhaustion or even worse, heat stroke; you’ll want to be sure to choose the right vest. Though these jackets are used by many for more vigorous activities, they also work especially well for those dogs who just hang out in the backyard.

As indicated previously, the cooling mechanism for these coverings is through evaporation. You may be familiar with this metabolic process if you have ever played sports, hiked outside or performed some type of activity in the heat. To stay cool, you soaked a bandana, handkerchief, or type of rag and wrapped around your head or neck to keep it cool.

With these types of cloths, they will dry out quickly in the sun. However, a cooling jacket integrates added material which helps to retain water. That water retention assists in the evaporation process by keeping the inside of the jacket cool, while the outer material of it is drying out.

An added aspect of these garments for your canine is that they have added layers inside them. Those layers are designed to repel the water avoiding a soppy, wet mess when it’s time for the vest comes off.

To achieve this end result effectively for your four-legged friend you’ll have to take a few things into account.

Look for these things when making your decision on which one to choose.

  • ​​Fit
  • ​​Material
  • ​​Coverage

    How does the vest fit your dog

    This may be the most important aspects of deciding on a garment such as this. An incorrect fit will essentially make it ineffective and potentially useless. It won’t keep him cool and defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place.

    Typically, you’ll get a variety of size options with a jacket. It’s important to measure your dog and k now his size rather than just taking a guess. Chest girth and your dog’s body length are usually indicators for which size you should get.

    You can image what an incorrect fit will do for a dog that is just “chilling,” (pun definitely intended) out on the back porch. However, imagine the result if a more strenuous activity is involved.

    What material is used to make the vest

    Material features are important for a vest so that they are effective and will last for a long while. A lighter weight, yet tough fabric contributes to their comfort and durability. Flexible cloth types allow for more mobility. And fabric that provides UV protection, significantly reduces the potential of your dog getting sunburned.  

    Most inner layers of these garments are comprised of cotton. This fiber type is a significant contributor to the retention of the water which is a critical component of the cooling process.

    Another job of the inner layer of the coat is to repel water. So while water retention is necessary to keep the vest cool; repelling any additional water once the initial water content is absorbed, is also required as part of the evaporation process.

    How much of Your Canine is Covered by the Jacket

    Making sure your dog is covered appropriately helps to get the most out of the cooling effect that the vest offers. To ensure that happens, you should measure him bearing that in mind.

    It can be difficult to know what body parts to get a size for without having a jacket on hand, but that is okay. There are two basic measurements that are of the most importance when it comes to determining the appropriate size.

  • The girth of your pup’s chest.
  • Length of his torso from the bottom of his neck to the base of his tail.

Now, a large difference between the chest and torso may have an effect on the normal sizing standards. (Think of a bulldog). Other than that ratio, you should find that the variety of sizes of a jacket should work just fine for your fur-baby.

Extra Features

Outside of the components listed above, there may be “add-ons” that you would want to have come with the vests too. Some of those extras you may desire are more important to you than others. A ring to fasten a lead to could be one of those.

Here are some other features of interest based on how you will use the coat on your dog:

  1. How the jacket is secured- Many vests are secured around your dog with the use of Velcro. Some secure it with plastic fasteners that click together and for some it’s a combination of both.
  2. Toughness of outer layer – Depending on the use of the jacket you may want look at how thick and durable the out layer of material is. For example, if you are running on trails outdoors, you would want to consider the surrounding vegetation. A thick outer layer helps ward off goat heads, thorns, cat tails, and other stickers.
  3. Visibility of jacket – Some of these garments include reflective striping. This helps to make the dog more visible to you and others. These stripes are beneficial for not only you to see him better as well as vehicles who may be around.
  4. Combined uses – There are other jackets that have combined uses in that they are designed to work with other products.

The list of top picks shown above is based on all of the information regarding what to look for in a dog vest, and some of the features a good dog vest offers. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of each vest that was chosen.

Individual Review of Our Picks –

The following information is the reason we chose the vests we did. If you are interested in our opinions, you can read them below and learn what jacket would be best for you and your pet.

Juxzh Truelove cooling vest



  • Nylon Webbing material with reflective stripping
  • Easy on and off with double zipper
  • Reflective stripes
  • Aluminum alloy D-ring for leash attachment


  • Extra water for longer trips necessary


A quality jacket with full body coverage to protect from the sun while keeping your dog cool offering a lot of value for its price.

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler


  • 3 – Layer Construction
  • Easy on and off
  • Reflective stripes
  • Good fit via Elastic waistband


  • More expensive
  • Frequent watering necessary


A quality jacket from a well-known and established maker of high standard dog products.

Kurgo Dog Core Cooling Vest


  • Athletic design and cut
  • Material is lightweight polyester with air mesh
  • Reflective stripes
  • Full coverage
  • Washable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Fit sometimes runs small
  • More Expensive than other jackets


This jacket provides great protection with multiple features coming from a industry trusted manufacturer providing an unmatched product warranty.

Foreyy Dog Cooling Harness


  • Inner layer keeps dog dry while retaining the water needed for cooling
  • Easy on and off
  • Reflective material
  • Hook and loop design for securing the jacket


  • Fitting may not work for all dogs


Another quality jacket at an affordable price that keeps your dog cool while keeping fur and body dry.

Smart Elf Evaporative Swamp Cooler Jacket


  • Lightweight
  • Easy on and off with side straps
  • Reflective material with enhanced visibility
  • Easy for dog to move around in


  • Side strap security may not be able to be tightened enough to fit jacket as snug around the dog as you would like making it the jacket loose


This is a good jacket that provides the cooling mechanism for your dog that you want that’s affordably priced.

GF Pet – ElastoFit Cooling Ice Vest for Dogs


  • Elastic allows expanding for good fit
  • Anti-microbial
  • Up to 6 hrs of cooling protection
  • UV protection


  • May be less comfortable for dogs who move frequently depending of fit of jacket
  • Sizing is smaller than suggested


Easy to use cooling vest using innovative technology with a sleek design delivered in a pouch for add water and ready to go cooling.

Kismaple reflective adjustable dog cooling vest


  • Designed with the adventurous dog in mind
  • 3 layer construction
  • Breathable material
  • Reflective Stripe
  • Easily adjusted


  • Limited Reviews


Jacket design and construction comparable to other recommended jackets on this list at an extremely affordable price.

CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar


  • Vest and collar combo
  • Uses frozen water as the cooling mechanism
  • Washable
  • East to fit with limited size options
  • No pinch buckles


  • Limited cooling depending on availability of ice packs
  • Frequent watering necessary


A unique design concept that provides cooling in the areas dogs need it most. Allows for great mobility all at an affordable price.

Selmai Dog Swamp Cooler Vest


  • wet, wring and go cooling
  • PVA material
  • Velcro closure
  • lightweight


  • Sizes limited and may run small
  • Frequent watering necessary


A unique fabric that allows maximum absorption while maintaining a lightweight. Very affordably priced.

Hurtta Dog Cooling Vest


  • Heart and chest region focus
  • Easy on and off with zipper closure
  • Leash attachment loops
  • Wet, wring  and go cooling system


  • Less body coverage and UV protection
  • Incorrect size may rub armpit area of dog


A quality jacket at an affordable price, from an established maker with nearly 50 years of experience making high standard dog products. Works best when you find a size that fits your dog well.

Other Vest Options to Choose From:

  1. Canada Pooch | Chill Seeker Dog Cooling Vest | Water Evaporative and Adjustable      Click Here For Best Price
  2. SGODA Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket Click Here For Best Price
  3. DOGZSTUFF Dog Cooling Vest Lightweight Jacket with Evaporative Cool Microfiber Technology, UV Protection Shirt, Click Here For Best Price
  4. Suitical Dry Cooling Vest Dog Click Here For Best Price
  5. HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat Click Here For Best Price
  6. NACOCO Dog Cooling Vest Harness with Adjustable Hook&Loop for Small Medium Large Dogs on Summer Click Here For Best Price
  7. FrontPet Dog Cooling Vest with Adjustable Side Straps and Highly Visible Reflective Padding, Fits Most Medium and Large Dogs Click Here For Best Price
  8. KoolSkinz Pet Lightweight, Adjustable Cooling and Heating Vest for Dogs limited supply (skull and cross bones and more) Click Here For Best Price
  9. Guardian Gear Cool Pup Reflective Harness for Dogs, Large, Light Blue Click Here For Best Price
  10. LeoLab – A dog harness with a patented hydro-cooling system. UV protection and adjustable with prevention of dog pulling Click Here For Best Price
  11. Glacier Tek Chilly Dog Cool Vest with nontoxic Cooling Packs Click Here For Best Price
  12. OMEM Dog Summer Cooling Vest Harness Jacket Pet Cooling Coat Dog Mesh Vest for Small and Medium Dogs (small to medium) Click Here For Best Price
  13. Go Fresh Pet Ice Vest Cooling Vest for Dogs Click Here For Best Price
  14. Derby Originals Hydro Cooling Dog Jacket Vest, Reflects Heat & Keeps Dogs Cool for Hours Click Here For Best Price
  15. BINGPET Dog Cooling Jacket Evaporative Swamp Cooler Vest Reflective Safety Pet Hunting Harness Click Here For Best Price

And while the vests above didn’t make it to our top 10 dog cooling vests, you may find that one of these works the best for you and your beloved pup.

How to Use a Cooling Vest – Quick Tutorial

  • Using a dog cooling jacket is easy. The steps are laid out below.
  • Fill a bucket or sink full of water at a cold temperature and plunge the vest in it.
  • Let the vet soak for just a few minutes.
  • Gently rub the jacket material together to help it absorb the water.
  • After it is completely soaked, take the vest out of the water.
  • Squeeze out the excess water and pat the jacket dry with a dry cloth or towel.
  • Place the vest on the dog and adjust the neck and chest straps to have it fit perfectly

How to Treat Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion in a Dog

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion are two different conditions. Treatments used to help a pet experiencing these conditions are different too. 

Several articles on the web assist in providing instructions for the care of a dog who is experiencing one of these situations. has a good article regarding this issue. You can read it at


Regardless of the vest you choose, the most important thing is to protect your dog from the heat whether he is hiking, playing, working, or any else. Get one of these cooling coats and you can help keep your four-legged companion safe.

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