Cuban Link Dog Collar

Dog Collars Made with Cuban Links

There are many different collars for dogs on the market. Some consist of a basic look and design. Others have a flare. They are distinguished, fancy, and unique. Then, there are others that are just downright cool.

Dogs have a personality and physical appearance. As a dog owner, you want to find a collar for your dog that compliments that personality and stature. For some dogs, that complimentary collar is the Cuban link dog collar.

History of Dog Collar Chains

dog collars in history

Chains for dogs have been around for centuries. In fact, records indicate that collars made of gold and silver, along with a nameplate, have been around since 1570 to 1069 BCE and likely earlier. Interestingly, the verified names on those found on those plates include numbers and terms indicating a dog’s capabilities.

Which Link Is Right For Your Canine

There are two main types of links that pet owners look for to give their dogs that badass, (for those with sensitive ears, please excuse the vulgarity), style of the collar.

One is the Cuban link, also known as the Miami Cuban link, and the other is the curb link. The look of the links on a collar very similar to one another. However, there are subtle differences. You’ll want to be aware of those differences before you choose the collar and link type you want to buy.

Cuban Link

The Cuban link is a popular design for dog collars. It represents a style that a dog owner looks for to give the look of strength. It gives the appearance that almost indicates a gangster demeanor of a dog. Yet, for other people, it’s an “off the hook” or even ‘best of breed” look. That thought may be due to the link style’s origins.

This type of link is an evolution of the jewelry of hip-hop music. It became popular in the latter part of the 70s and early 80s and is considered by numerous people to be a fashion component of hip-hop music today. Although the stylish design is making the curb chain a popular jewelry of choice among humans, the popularity of the link style today continues to grow for both humans and canine pet owner’s jewelry and collars.

The inventor of the Cuban link itself is not exactly known. However, DJ Khaled claims to be the creator of the Cuban link chain though that can’t be confirmed.

The Spanish term for this collar design is Collar de Eslabon Cubano.

The link design is made up of interlocking loops. The loops are bold and round. The sides are thick which contributes to the bold aspect. The thickness of the Miami curb collar causes the spaces between each link to be fairly small. That again gives that eye-catching, bold look.

Curb Link

The curb link design is actually very similar to that of the Cuban link. The references to both links are often used interchangeably, though, there are distinct enough differences that the two shouldn’t be confused.

The curb design also consists of interlocking loops. However, those loops have a flatter wall. As a result, the appearance of a collar with those links shows a more open space between each loop.

Cuban vs. Curb

Likely, one of the biggest differences between the Cuban and curb choke collars is the weight. To understand the difference between the weights, here are some examples using chains that are designed with each link.

Using 10k gold and a 26” inch length –

  • Cuban link chain = 200 grams
  • Curb link chain = 70 grams

Metal Types

Cuban link choke collars for dogs are made from any number of metals. You can find them in various karats of gold. Sterling silver, rose gold, stainless steel, and others. You can also find the collars can fit any dog as well including Rottweiler, Doberman, German Sheppard, French Bull Dogs, and many others.


The last thing, but likely most important item a dog owner is probably interested in when they decide to purchase a Cuban link collar is the cost. And just as the collar comes in various metal types, there are a variety of costs associated with the collar dependent on the collar size and metal it is made of.

Most of the Cuban choke collars will fall under the $100 dollar range. However, there are others that can drain you wallet by several hundred dollars and more.

For example, you can find a stainless steel gold plated collar that ranges in size from 12" to 26" inches at 13mm, 15mm , or 19mm in size. Those chokers run from about $15 to $30. With 12 reviews the chain gets a 4.4 stars out of 5 rating.

Depending on the boldness you are looking for and the type of metal you want, you can find an amount that reflects those desires. Some collars can go for several hundred dollars and even thousands of dollars on the extreme end of the spectrum.

Designs and colors are important features when it comes to an owner making a decision about which collar to purchase. Take a look at these options.

Black Cuban Link Dog Collar

Rose Gold Cuban Link Dog Collar

Silver Cuban Link Dog Collar

Big Chain Link Collars

Thick Chain Link Collars

Flat Chain Link Collars

Flat Link Chain Dog Show Collar

Gold Chain Link Dog Collar

Other important considerations for a pet parent and items they are interested in finding are:

Cheap Cuban Link Dog Collars

Some pup moms and dads may also be curious how colors of the chains are made.