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Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Dog Food – Which is Best to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Exploring the Best Food for Your Dog’s Health, Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated

When we bring our beloved four-legged friends into our lives, we want them to be with us for as long as possible. Just like humans, what your dog eats helps him to stay healthy, strong and increase the longevity of his life. So when it comes to feeding Fido what you decide to give your precious pup to eat is very important.

Dog Food Options

There are a lot of options available to dog owners when it comes to food for your dog. There are the standard kibble meal and canned food choices. But, these days raw fresh food, which actually is a better option than kibble, is available as well. It is even available in different forms. You can have is in its natural state or it can come in a dehydrated or freeze dried state. In this article, we are going to focus on these two variations of raw food. The question is though, “what food is better for you dog, freeze dried or dehydrated food?”

To begin the discussion, we first have to understand the difference between the two styles of food, recognizing that both types are excellent  healthy options for your dog.  (As always, caution should be taken when introducing new food or styles of edibles into your pup’s diet.)

What is Dehydrated Food?

Dehydrated meals take the raw ingredients and process them at approximately 120° Fahrenheit to all living things in the food which includes enzymes and bacteria.

This form of food is really cooked, but in this state it is not raw either.

What is Freeze-Dried Food?

With this food type, the opposite process occurs in that the ingredients of the food are frozen. The temperature at which the food freezes is at 30° Fahrenheit or colder. A process know as “sublimation” is used to remove the ice, or moisture content, in the meal and convert it to gas.

This process doesn’t involve any cooking which allows for the preservation of all the nutrients and vitamins. However, though the bacteria and enzymes can’t grow without moisture, once moisture is added back into the food by hydrating it, any surviving or live enzymes and bacteria will begin growing again.

Because of the limited time of freshness, IE: similar to raw, it’s important to use this food more quickly to limit the exposure to the growing bacteria and enzymes.

Which is Better for Your Dog’s Health?

Though the processing of the food may be different, both forms offer great benefits to your dog’s health. The choice you make actually comes down to other considerations.

  • Does the food meet the Association of America Food Control Officials (AAFCO) standards which indicate the meal is complete and balanced? (Look for that seal on the container which the food is packed in.)
  • How does your dog metabolize either type of meal?
  • How long is the shelf-life of the food?
  • Which once is easier to store?
  • Which one of the foods is easier to prepare?
  • Which food appeals more to your fur-baby’s pallet, IE: which one tastes better to him?

Which Food, Dehydrated or Freeze-Dried is Better for Your Dog's Health?

As you can see, both types of foods have health benefits. The decision you make as to which food to give your canine, appears to be based on the answers to the questions above.

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