Why Interactive Dog Toys Make Your Dog Happier

Most dogs love to play. You’ll typically find many of them ready to pounce on any stuffed animal, ball or stick that they can use for fun. Interactive dog toys are a great option for a canine when it comes to play time. But these dog toys actually provide a much greater benefit than that to your fur baby and here is why.

Just as any toy for dogs, interactive dog toys help keep your canine busy, and hopefully distracted enough to limit any mischievous activities. Any dog who is bored opens us up to great destruction in the house in which he lives.

What Qualifies as an Interactive Toys

Interactive dog toys are those that provide stimulate your pup’s mind. These toys enhance your dog’s mental capacity. Additionally these playthings such as games and puzzles put your dog’s problem-solving skills to work. While providing these benefits, your four-legged baby will find these types of toys to be a lot of fun as well.

Long walks offer the physical exercise that your fur baby needs. Training gives the instruction necessary for your dog to behave in the manner you desire. These two pursuits offer your dog joy, movement and some mental stimulation by sniffing all the smells he or she finds during your journey. These activities will certainly tire out canines, including puppies. Sometimes though, you can find yourself short on time to take on these tasks.

That is when an interactive game comes into play, (pun intended of course).

There are different types of products that would qualify as being interactive. Some are considered puzzles, some are games, and some are toys.

Puzzles are a way to get your dog begin an activity and work through to an end result. You have him start at a beginning and work to an end. They are actually much like what we as humans would do when we put together cardboard pieces with a picture on them or working through a maze.

Interactive are more like those that are ongoing for a limited time and in many cases you as a dog parent could be involved. Interactive games don’t necessarily begin and then seek to achieve a desired end. These games continue and end when you desire to end or when your dog is ready to be done. This could involve a game of hide and seek or having your four-legged kid find a hidden object. Even just throwing a ball for him to chase would be an interactive game.

I have a game I play with my dog where I hide treats in little cubby holes with sliding covers on a plastic tray. Her role is to slide each cover until she finds all of treats. With this game I can hide treats in each cubby, but by not doing so, she has to work her brain to uncover the cubby that does contain the treat.

Toys are simply just toys. Your dog plays on their own similar to playing with a ball or stuffed animal. He chooses when to play and when he is done playing and it can be several times during one day. An interactive toy example include something that moves on the object he is playing. There are stuffed toys with other smaller stuffed toys in which he has to get to so that he can play with those. The are some plastic items that have something that swings on one of the pieces that he can paw at and it moves. Bouncy balls that he plays with on his own would even qualify.

There are two items of concern with all toys, games or puzzles that you as an owner should be aware of. One being that if the game involves treats, you manage the amount of treats given so that the weight of your pet stays under control. The second is that if the toy is chewed up and your dog consumes any of the pieces of those toys, games or puzzles, that can cause very dangerous consequences, including death.